Spiritual Channeler and Healer

The following are just a few of the many thousands of testimonials that have been received by Manuela. Throughout the past 36 years of Manuela's experiential services to her many customers all over the world, Manuela has been blessed by assisting others in their time of need.

"The healing you gave me was incredibly relaxing and helpful. Thank you so much for sharing your gift."

Love C.M. - Ottawa, Canada

"Manuela, I have learnt a lot of life and dimensions and spirituality from you more than you can ever imagine or guess. In fact you have been instrumental in my spiritual journey... Whenever I think of you my heart smiles."

S.G. - India

"Thanks for the clearing and healing and new understanding and clarity."

S.P. - New Zealand

"I had a powerful spiritual awakening in January and had a difficult time making sense of what happened to me. You channeled energies and information which changed my life forever! What I experienced and learned from you has been instrumental in discovering my life purpose. God Bless you for your precious work!"

P.J., Vancouver, Canada

"I have had an awakening a few months ago and have had a difficult time making sense of what happened to me. Manuela has been able to channel energies and information which I feel is transforming my life. Thank you and Light."

P.J. - Ottawa, Canada

"Thank you for your gift and the insight you provided in me. I hope your work reaches many souls. My energy feels very light and I will attempt to maintain this beautiful feeling when I leave here. Blessings dear one!"

Manotick, Canada

"My reading has been so enlightening. Tough questions asked and true answers provided, some of which I knew already but hesitated to take direction. I have enjoyed and had fun during my time with you and the spirits. Thank you for your insight and helpful conversation."

S.S. - Dunrobin, Canada

"WOW - great insight!... your healing work has been instrumental in bringing balance into my life."

W.R. - California, U.S.A.

"Thank you for a wonderful session. From the moment I sat down, I felt I was in good hands. Even before the energy treatment, I started to feel better knowing I had come to the right person. I am especially grateful for the connection with my grandmother. Knowing she is around me was especially comforting. I would feel very comfortable recommending you to anyone needing energy balancing."

Wakefield, Canada

"Manuela, you did a marvellous session in clearing a lot of tension in my head and the rest of my body. I feel lighter; you reminded me of things that I knew but had neglected so that I could put back into practice. I like your gentle and compassionate approach. Thank you!"

Ottawa, Canada

"With your special gift, caring ways and generosity, you have helped ease a lot of my pain, lightened my path to self-improvement and great self-discovery. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

A.W. - Calgary, Canada

"Great work Manuela, I feel better already. I felt the tingling in my body while you were working on me. Thank you very much."

Nepean, Canada

"Thank you for the reading. I was feeling 'on top of the world' after I talked to you. You have given me clarity and energy to move forward with the decisions I must make."

H.L. - Korea

"Thank you for the healing... a wonderful experience."

J.M. - Halifax, Canada

"Thank you for everything Manuela. What you do is priceless to me. You have a rare gift that you generously give to those of us who need it. I am truly thankful."

J.L. - Ottawa, Canada

"Manuela, you helped me see through the pain, acknowledge the sources, forgive myself, and start the journey towards myself, towards healing, towards love. Thank you."

S.Y. - Carp, Canada

"Thank you very much for the great reading. It amazes me how you can accurately read someone over the phone without ever seeing them in person!"

A.M. - Toronto, Canada

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"Always energizing. Thank you for your reading and support. You helped me see things more clearly."

L.M. - Finland

"I am blessed and enriched by this wonderful experience with you. Thank you so much for helping me re-connect with the light within me."

G.K. - Ottawa, Canada

"Thank you very much. It was a very pleasant experience and I feel much better."

D.P. - Manitoba, Canada

"I feel great, I came here feeling lost and you helped me find where I want to be. The second I walked into the room I felt calm. You helped my to push me in the right direction for where I want to be in life. Thank you so much."

S.B. - Ottawa, Canada

"Positiveness, good will, magnetic soul, love and magic is what Manuela has just shared with me. I feel very good and different in comparison to how I felt before walking into this blessed place. I really thank you for this magical experience. May all good and positive spirits bless you. I feel grounded!"

R.O. - Mexico City, Mexico

"Thank you for the soul rescue work that you performed on my daughter; and the manner in which you explained to me her birth and death has given me a much different perspective, thus understanding the reason she was a part of my life."

K.C. - Wisconsin, U.S.A.

"Thank you for this wonderful experience of healing. All these years I was waiting and dreaming for a person like you to come into my life. I will definitely try my best to follow all the valuable things you told me."

M.K. - India

"Dear Manuela, You have brought me a tremendous relief and peace with my boy's passing. I'm pleased that "D" is doing well and keeping watch over us and now helping others. This has certainly been a process for me with his death, yet comforted with the good communication with him through you. You have a tremendous gift and I can't thank you enough."

J.O. - Ottawa, Canada

"Amazing and accurate with your predictions..."

L.C. - Arnprior, Canada

"The experience of healing was profound. I feel the love, the universal spirit touch me as soon as I entered the "healing room". I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your help and insight into life that matters. Thank you again for your support over the long distance and in person."

C.S.F. - Sweden

"Thank you as always, for the precious healing work you do. I feel better connected to an inner being that is more authentically who I am and therefore, more at peace. This peacefulness and connectiveness is a wonderful gift and helps me to experience joy and harmony."

T.B. - Beaconsfield, Canada

"......through my personal determination and your patient powerful guidance, a whole new life, world, and universe is growing and changing and smiling within me. Now and forever more."

M.H. - B.Sc., M.A. - Belleville, Canada

"You are a unique medical specialist... Your healing work is changing my perceptions, health, intelligence, creativity, frequency and it also raises the vibrational frequency of the Earth, which is also healing the Earth. Your fan."

K.K. - B.Sc.(Biology), B.Sc.(Chemistry) - Ottawa, Canada

"This was a great experience for me. I feel so clear in mind and body. Thank you."

P.L.- Hong Kong

"Words can't express how much you have helped Paul and I. Your guidance, support, insight and compassion is my survival. Your talents far exceed you and your gifts help and change others for the better. Manuela, your insights on everything Paul says is right on."

California, U.S.A.

"God gave you a 'gift so precious'! You are extremely good at what you do. Thank you for your help!"

J.L. - Casselman, Canada

"I look forward to more exciting experiences that await me as I move through my life. With much gratitude to you for sharing your amazing gifts and healing powers!"

G.S. - Shawville, Canada

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"This was such a beautiful day and a wonderful experience learning Reiki with you."

L.D. - Ottawa, Canada

"I just can say thank you and have much gratitude for meeting you at this specific time of my life. You are an angel to me, helping me balance my mental, emotional and physical parts. I am starting to feel, to integrate, to experience, to be more myself, living in the present time consciousness. Thank you Manuela."

J.C. - Quebec, Canada

"Had a great experience today with Manuela, thank you very much. Very special information. Verified many things that I was experiencing. Truth and beauty. Very powerful healing touch. Wonderful comfort and very much energy. Much gratitude. Thank you very much."

R.G. - Lahr, Germany

"Thank you Manuela for your wonderful work that you did on 'A...'. With your energy treatment and following the recommendations you gave me, we see an improvement already!"

P.L. - Owen Sound, Canada

"Thank you for your gift of insight and healing. I am overjoyed that our souls have reconnected. Thank you for giving me the gift of healing and weightlessness. Much love to you."

P.G. - Kanata, Canada

"I am feeling sooo much better.....mentally and physically. You have helped me a great deal and I'll forever remember and be grateful for you. Thank you!!"

N.R. - Norfolk, U.S.A.

"Manuela, I feel the electric outlet in your finger tips. You have a wonderful healing gift to help humankind."

I.M. - Germany

"A lovely session, very healing and soothing. I could feel the energies flowing and re-balancing. My head is also clear now, thank you. Also appreciated the channelled guidance in answer to my questions. Continue your good work!"

J.W. - Ottawa, Canada

"Dear Manuela, thank you so much for my healing today and the wonderful knowledge you have imparted to me today. I walk out of here with new clarity and calmness, though still full of questions! Feeling grounded, calm and excited about times to come. Wish I lived closer to keep coming back. Thanks again."

S.Y. - New Zealand

"Thank you so much for a wonderful session. I feel so much lighter and so much more peaceful. Thank you again."

J.R. - Winnipeg, Canada

"I enjoyed the session greatly. I found out things I needed to know, to understand my feelings about myself. I received answers to many of my questions. I feel much better about myself. Thank You."

R.B. - Ottawa, Canada

"Thank you Manuela that you gave me excellent experience to connect myself with whole universe and feel things like never before."

M.J. - Poland

"Thank you for your healing and the enlightenment! Life is a journey – thank you for making it a little bit easier right now to face a rougher part of it!"

S.S. - Germany

"Manuela brings great gifts of insight, skill and integrity to her healing work. I have sent many clients to her because I know they will be in safe and caring hands."

I.P. - B.A., B.Litt., Ph.D - Ottawa, Canada

"Thank you for your help and understanding. You are providing a much needed service, to people who might have otherwise thought of themselves a little crazy."

A.A. - Toronto, Canada

"I feel a real uplifting of energy, thank you Manuela."

G.M. - Nanaimo, Canada

"I feel a deep and unconditional love within myself and of myself, and I recognize this to be my true nature. I am deeply grateful for your guidance and healing."

M.D. - Vancouver, Canada

"You cannot travel on the path until you become the path itself."

Buddha [568-488 BC, Founder of Buddhism]

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