Poetry by Manuela

Spiritual Channeler and Healer

Manuela is pleased to share a selection of her poetry for everyone, everywhere. While you are running here and there in your busy life, you are invited to take a little time for yourself to enjoy these inspirational words...

"This was such a beautiful day and a wonderful experience learning Reiki with you."

L.D. - Ottawa, Canada

Masks of Illusion

Why would you tell me these words of pain?

Is there something more important that you need to gain?

Why can't I live my life for me?

I think there is more which you need to see.

Instead, you insist that I follow only your way.

Manipulation is not the way I play.

I see these masses of humanity asleep.

As they fall further and further into this unquiet deep.

Growth and change may not be your way.

You smile and hide behind this mask of life.

What a wondrous deal so you say.

Then tell me why you need to hide that knife.

You slowly let mankind’s energy wane.

See this lonely child who has no name.

Watching as each and every life slowly drain.

Death to you is not the end of pain.

Rise up oh world and take your stand.

See below as they raise their hands.

It is not always what you see that unites.

Look deep within your heart tonight.

Manuela Werthwein, October 15, 2012

"Always energizing. Thank you for your reading and support. You helped me see things more clearly."

L.M. - Finland

Whispers From Spirit

Looking over my shoulder...no one there

further to the left...

Is it true? Does my vision deceive me?

Shivers now run up and down my spine.

Brilliant light so softly glowing.

Should I be still and numb?

Others would surely think I was mad

but no... its true, its real!

My eyes do not deceive me.

I listen - waiting, waiting, waiting...

Finally just as my patience subsides...

A word - is it true?

No, I'm not mad.

Listen, Listen - my God! - Another word.

My mind is now filled with words

but my ears are confused, this is not how it should be.

But finally my words have meaning

and are coming together - YES.

It's finally coming together.

Slowly as the Spirit vanishes

showering me with love and strength.

It's lesson was not to judge the words or the visions,

but remind us to believe and trust our intuitions!

Manuela Werthwein, August 8, 1997

"I feel a deep and unconditional love within myself and of myself, and I recognize this to be my true nature. I am deeply grateful for your guidance and healing."

M.D. - Vancouver, Canada


Stars — Oh those glorious stars above

glistening as eyes of children filled with love.

Sweet wishes flow from peaceful souls —

Higher and higher as each dream unfolds.

With light that shine so clear and bright,

Mankind only wants to see at night.

For beauty is not only in human form

when one thinks of each and every universe born.

Fill your hearts and thoughts with peaceful bliss,

Spirits rejoicing as they blow that final kiss!

Manuela Werthwein, May 31, 1996

"WOW - great insight!... your healing work has been instrumental in bringing balance into my life."

W.R. - California, U.S.A.


Tell me the words I can't explain,

filled with loss and so much pain.

Riding high above the waves,

our lives almost empty like the caves.

Graceful is the strength of man,

ever wonder how doubt still stands.

Awaiting breathlessly in the hand,

of foregone quests in demand.

Cry out she sighed with a flick,

a lantern clutched so as not to trip.

We are waiting from signs above,

to spread that gentle power of love.

Manuela Werthwein, February 1993

"I feel great, I came here feeling lost and you helped me find where I want to be. The second I walked into the room I felt calm. You helped my to push me in the right direction for where I want to be in life. Thank you so much."

S.B. - Ottawa, Canada

Life Meanings

Counting clouds as they slowly whisper bye

dreaming that life could be so peaceful and free.

One wonders what those puffy giants think,

as they vanish into thin air.

Throughout the ages man has looked up at the heavens,

with great awe and wonder.

Could the answers be at our very fingertips,

but no - that would be too easy.

Remember the answers come from the sky,

so they thought.

And now we think we've progressed and seen God's light,

only to find we've lost our path in sight!

Manuela Werthwein, June 2, 1996

"Manuela, I have learnt a lot of life and dimensions and spirituality from you more than you can ever imagine or guess. In fact you have been instrumental in my spiritual journey... Whenever I think of you my heart smiles."

S.G. - India


Lift your head to the sky,

look at the waves beneath your soul.

All that is there to be seen,

will illuminate forward at best.

See yourself at present,

indicating no need for past.

Only you are the Master,

of your Path!!!

Manuela Werthwein, November 24, 1987

"Had a great experience today with Manuela, thank you very much. Very special information. Verified many things that I was experiencing. Truth and beauty. Very powerful healing touch. Wonderful comfort and very much energy. Much gratitude. Thank you very much."

R.G. - Lahr, Germany


The sun slowly casts it's shadows over mountains,

Trees and animals are filled with love of another day.

Slowly, the stars begin to twinkle like an overflowing fountain,

while the children bow their heads to pray.

Yet as we gaze towards the heavens, filled with thoughts of yesterday,

the quietness soothes the world and prays for peace one day.

Manuela Werthwein, June 1989

"Thank you as always, for the precious healing work you do. I feel better connected to an inner being that is more authentically who I am and therefore, more at peace. This peacefulness and connectiveness is a wonderful gift and helps me to experience joy and harmony."

T.B. - Beaconsfield, Canada


Let's see how long we can see the light,

when the Universe provides the most delightful flight,

Mankind seeks answers from the stars and our dreams,

then wakes up to find.....

only God knows the scheme!!

Manuela Werthwein, May 9, 1998

"Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead, where there is no path and leave a trail."

Source Unknown

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