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Spiritual Channeler and Healer

Healing is the channeling of energies by the healer to re-energize the individual to deal with an illness or injury. This type of healing often helps with the speed and extent of recovery from serious illness and major surgery, and from the effects of treatment such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It complements conventional medicine.

"Thank you Manuela that you gave me excellent experience to connect myself with whole universe and feel things like never before."

M.J. - Poland

Is it Necessary to have Faith?

No. Nothing special is asked of the individual except perhaps openness to anything that happens and a degree of trust in Manuela as a Healer. An awareness of the need for change and the motivation to do so will assist in the healing results.

Does Healing Always Work?

It is unusual for healing not to be of assistance in some way. Sometimes, one treatment is sufficient, and other times, several treatments are required, with the benefits of the healing emerging gradually over time. With some individuals, a successful outcome to healing is obvious, while for others, change takes place at a more subtle level, sometimes in an unexpected way.

Healing often helps with the speed and extent of recovery from serious illness, major surgery, and from the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

"Thank you Manuela that you gave me excellent experience to connect myself with whole universe and feel things like never before."

M.J. - Poland

It works well with all forms of holistic medicine. Usually, individuals feel more stable and relaxed, and often experience a beneficial change in their attitude about life, a situation which often arises in the cases of terminal illness. That is where Manuela's healing brings serenity to the individual, and to relatives and friends as well.

Can It Do Any Harm?

Most definitely not. There are rare occasions when the individual may 'feel worse' before improving, but this is often a significant part of the healing process, signaling a release of stress which may have gone unrecognized.

How Can Healing Help?

Healing penetrates the deepest levels of a person's being, where many illness have their origin, including stress, tension and fatigue. Symptoms start to disappear as the cause is revealed and removed. Changes in attitude and the quality of life often follow.

What is Distance or Remote Healing?

"I have had an awakening a few months ago and have had a difficult time making sense of what happened to me. Manuela has been able to channel energies and information which I feel is transforming my life. Thank you and Light."

P.J. - Ottawa, Canada

Distance Healing, also known as Remote Healing, is healing that is performed by Manuela on an individual that is not in her physical presence. Manuela is able to transmit healing energies over any distance, transcending time and space. This form of healing is just as effective as if the individual were laying on the therapy table in front of Manuela.

An Important Note About Healing

The healing work that is performed by Manuela is to be done as a complement to available medical treatments. It is the responsibility of the individual seeking a healing from Manuela to also seek out traditional medical advice. Manuela does not and will not guarantee any results from her healing work on any individual. She will work with whatever energies are present, and assist in whatever capacity that such energies reveal themselves to her.

"Don't let your mind go wandering, it's too small to go out by itself."

Source Unknown

To contact Manuela for a personal healing or reading, send an e-mail or call:
(613) 231-4575

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy: Manuela realize's the importance of your privacy and confidentiality, and will not reveal your personal information to anyone else, under any circumstances.

Disclaimer: Workshops, courses and healing sessions are not intended to replace, diagnose, prescribe or treat any ailment or to be used as a replacement for medical treatment or consultation. They are intended to enhance your knowledge or general interest and are offered only as a complimentary healing source. In all cases, it is highly recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your medical physician, chiropractor, psychiatrist, or other health care professional.

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