Case Histories

Spiritual Channeler and Healer

The following are only a few of the stories from the case files of Manuela. They illustrate the profound effect that Manuela has brought to the lives of many people throughout the world. Click on the below links to read about these specific Case Histories.

"Amazing and accurate with your predictions..."

L.C. - Arnprior, Canada

Case #1: A Nurse Suffering with Scoliosis

A nurse who had heard of my work through word-of-mouth called me to have a healing session. She was desperate to get relief for the Scoliosis that she had been bearing and suffering most of her life. Visits to numerous doctors had proved fruitless and she decided to try out my healing.

I asked her to lie down on my therapy table and began working on her energy fields, namely the electromagnetic fields. I felt no need to touch her body at all. While working on her, she commented that she could feel a gentle pressure in her spine area as I continued my healing. After the healing was complete, she was in absolute awe and told me how wonderful she felt, and that the pain in her back had disappeared.

"Thank you very much. It was a very pleasant experience and I feel much better."

D.P. - Manitoba, Canada

As an update, I saw her once again, two years after the treatment, and she confirmed that the work I've done for her had improved her life in many, many ways. She had no more back pain. As a nurse, her work demanded being on her feet for interminable hours. The whole therapy had erased her years of suffering and made life and work easier to cope with.

Case #2: A Young Lady Suffering from Asthma

"......through my personal determination and your patient powerful guidance, a whole new life, world, and universe is growing and changing and smiling within me. Now and forever more."

M.H. - B.Sc., M.A. - Belleville, Canada

Another case I recall is a young lady who was recommended to me because she had severe asthma. As I began my energy work on her, she commented that her breathing felt clearer and smoother and that she felt a sense of deep peace. She called me a few weeks later and said she didn't need to use her 'puffer' any more, since her asthma did not invade her again.

Case #3: A Distance Healing On A Woman Who was Told by Doctors that She Could Not Conceive a Child

A lady was referred to me because she heard that I was a healer. She had visited several doctors and all of them had diagnosed and reported that she would never be able to conceive a child due to her health issues.

Even though she lived in another province and could not meet me in person, I performed long distance healing work on her. I could clairvoyantly perceive the imbalances within her physical and electromagnetic bodies and began the process of balancing her vibrational frequencies.

I called her on the telephone the next day to enquire of her progress. She stated that she felt all kinds of warm sensations in her body including feeling very peaceful and relaxed.

"Thank you for your gift and the insight you provided in me. I hope your work reaches many souls. My energy feels very light and I will attempt to maintain this beautiful feeling when I leave here. Blessings dear one!"

Manotick, Canada

Three months later I received a call from this lady telling me excitedly that she just found out that she was pregnant! Almost a year later I received the news that she had a beautiful baby boy.

"These are the rewards that I cherish most. A life made easier, a soul more at peace, paving the way for a new life to come to earth, the unbound joy of a new mother now holding her precious bundle in her arms.

"Many people have come to me with serious digestive problems and have found that when they come to me for healing, their stomach and digestion are well balanced and trouble free once again.

"Each time I heal, each time I do energy work, I get in touch with and connected to that realm beyond the physical, a world so dynamic and flowing with vibrant life force, that I feel blessed and honored deep inside when I channel this deep, healing energy to those who need it on my therapy table, and to those across the miles. What better gift than to have this life force work in rhythm and harmony for those who need its healing power."


Case #4: Soul Rescue of Judy

A client of mine, Tim (not real name), informed me that he would often think and dream of Judy (not real name), his classmate in grade school. When Judy died many years ago, Tim did not attend her funeral and was ravaged with guilt deep inside ever since. Somehow there was no sense of closure for him around Judy's departure from earthly life.

As I tuned into Judy, I felt her presence engulf me. She began to sob holding her hands to her face. She looked very confused and could not understand why people did not respond to her or so much as glance at her when she spoke to them. When she reached out to touch people close and dear to her, like her family and friends, they would hardly feel anything. It had not dawned on her that she was no longer alive.

When I explained to her that she had passed on and hence no longer visible to most people, the reality of her death struck her like a thousand thunderbolts. She was wracked with tears, confusion, fear and incomprehension. I talked to her very softly and gently to calm her. She did after a while. I began to send her healing and she visibly became much calmer and more at peace. I explained to her how she could meet her loved ones who were on the other side. I guided her to look for a beautiful, radiant White Light Gate that will unite her with her loved ones in the realms beyond. At that very instance, from afar, there was an opening of luminous light that expanded and began to grow bigger and brighter. I held her hand until she was calm and comfortable with the new vision and with what was happening to her.

"WOW - great insight!... your healing work has been instrumental in bringing balance into my life."

W.R. - California, U.S.A.

I then saw her grandmother and some other relatives glide towards her. It was when she saw her relatives so close at hand, welcoming her, radiating warmth, light, homecoming, that we let go of our hands. She floated and flew towards them with a sense of abiding peace. As she was leaving to join her soul family, she turned around one last time and thanked me for freeing her. I watched Judy go through this doorway of brilliant shimmering white light.

"She gave me a gift that will always overwhelm and empower my soul and the work I do. It filled me with a sense of compassion and a deep knowing that our souls do live on forever.

"After this Soul Rescue work to free Judy was completed, I called Tim to explain exactly what had transpired.

"After I hung up the phone I turned on my radio and listened to this message from a group called the 'Prairie Oyster':

'She won't be lonely long.
She cried a tear or two,
but now they're shed and gone.
The door is open.
She put one foot after another and walked through.'

"Then I took one of my 'Angel Cards' to get a message and received 'Transformation'.

"What better confirmation and reassurance did I need!


Case #5: Communication to a Mother from the Soul of a Miscarried Infant

A client of mine, Jane (not real name) had come to me for some healing and channeling work. As she was lying on my therapy table, I worked on the different layers of her Aura while balancing and stabilizing her charkas. I continued working on her for some time when all of a sudden I saw an image of a child who clearly demanded attention from me. At first I just ignored him, but not for long as this insistent child kept tugging and pulling the sleeve on my left arm so strongly, that I finally had to say to him, "OK, I see and hear you, what do you want?"

This child told me that he had to come through in this session because he knew that I could relay his message to Jane. The child told me that he was the unborn son of Jane.

He was not born because Jane had problems with the pregnancy and miscarried after only 7 months. This child wanted me to tell his 'mother' that he was well and with her and to not feel guilty about the miscarriage. While this conversation was going on with this child, I was still working on Jane. All of a sudden the child stops talking, looks at me as if to say, "So, when are you going to tell her?" I thought to myself, NOW's the time!

So I relayed everything that this child told me to Jane. As I was speaking to Jane, she turned pale and started crying. She told me that she did indeed have a miscarriage and she knew that it was a boy. It had been her very first pregnancy. She also told me that she had been carrying this incredible guilt for many years, because she thought that it was all her fault, and that maybe she could have done something to prevent this miscarriage.

"I had a powerful spiritual awakening in January and had a difficult time making sense of what happened to me. You channeled energies and information which changed my life forever! What I experienced and learned from you has been instrumental in discovering my life purpose. God Bless you for your precious work!"

P.J., Vancouver, Canada

She told me that she often thought of this child and used to envision what he would be like had he seen the light of day. As we talked and I explained the afterlife to Jane, she became very peaceful and told me that it felt as if a weight had been lifted off of her shoulders. She said that she was totally astonished that I could see into that part of her life and her son. She also said that she felt a deep sense of harmony, forgiveness and understanding within herself.

Case #6: Soul Rescue of Don

This soul rescue was done for a client of mine, Ann's (not real name) husband Don (not real name) who committed suicide some years ago. As I started conversing with Don, he acted quite angry towards me because he felt I was interfering in his life.

I had to explain to him who I was and what I was doing for him and his family. He questioned my capability of undertaking this responsibility. I tried to put everything in perspective for him as best as I could. I told him that just as some people have a beautiful voice and can sing well, and some others have the ability to play the piano, I on the other, had not been gifted with either of these talents. I explained to him that I had, however, been blessed to carry out the kind of work I do, an ability and a gift that I had carried over and through several lifetimes.

I had to explain to Don that I was doing this to help him see through the emotional personality that he was so determinedly holding onto. I had to make him see how his emotional personality was affecting his son, his wife, the whole house, including himself. I asked him how important it was for him to see his son and Ann happy and safe. He confirmed it was very important.

I pointed out to Don that he was inadvertently creating more disharmony than harmony in the lives of Ann and his son. He did not understand what I meant. I informed him his emotional personality was creating the disharmony through strong vibrational discharges. He said that he was unaware that he was creating any problems and was only trying to make them understand that he was still around, but no one really deemed to acknowledge his opinions.

Once I explained and clarified to him how his well-meant intentions were causing more harm than good, he slowly began to understand my missive. When I felt he was ready and willing, I proceeded to open up the 'White Light Gate' and explained to him that I would be with him guiding him throughout this procedure. I told him that he could hold my hand as I guided him and assured him that I would not release it until he was ready to go. As the Gate was slowly opening up, he covered his eyes for a moment with his hand, temporarily dazed by the brilliance of the Light.

Then, as the Light expanded, he saw his loved ones step forth and reveal themselves to him. There was also a dog that came through to greet him. I found out later that this dog had been his beloved pet in his youth.

I asked Don to experience this loving feeling and let it all wash over him. Once he was ready to leave, I asked if he wished to say goodbye to his son and his wife Ann, and to know that now he had the best of both the worlds. He could still see and know what was going on with his son and Ann, and also be a guide to them if he so chose to be.

I informed him that once he had passed over, he would no longer be ruled by his emotional personality, but would be able to understand unconditional love, free will and free choice in a totally different light. Don thanked me for helping him and his family just before he passed over into the Light.

"Manuela brings great gifts of insight, skill and integrity to her healing work. I have sent many clients to her because I know they will be in safe and caring hands."

I.P. - B.A., B.Litt., Ph.D - Ottawa, Canada

After Don went "home", I realigned the grid structure and balanced the energies in Ann's house. I also aligned Ann and her son's energy bodies.

"Many individuals don't understand what hauntings are or the presence of ghosts in certain environs. In scenarios of haunting, the strong emotions of the personae are trapped in a time loop and are stuck in performing a seemingly eternal cyclical pattern. Those who understand energy at a deeper level would be suitably armed with the knowledge of how to break this imprisoned capsule of time and free the entity.

"Basically we speak to the emotional entity, NOT the spiritual source. It is NOT the spirit of a soul but rather the residual memory and remnants of the emotions of the personality's existence in the earth life that remains stuck. Emotions more than we know, morph themselves into thought patterns or glue themselves in the etheric field giving the illusion of being charged with holographic life or the phantom appearance of those who once lived."


"You cannot travel on the path until you become the path itself."

Buddha [568-488 BC, Founder of Buddhism]

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