Natural Health and Well-Being, Prosperity and Successs...

Spiritual Channeler and Healer

Manuela has been assisting people from all walks of life, from all over this great planet. Her talents are used to empower each and every client to realize their true, natural potential in health and well-being, prosperity and success.

You are cordially invited to this website, the information and the benefits that Manuela has to offer. Perhaps you have questions who's answers have eluded you for a while, or you have need of an energy re-balancing, or to communicate with a loved one who has crossed-over. Whatever your motivation, Manuela is here for you.

"Thank you as always, for the precious healing work you do. I feel better connected to an inner being that is more authentically who I am and therefore, more at peace. This peacefulness and connectiveness is a wonderful gift and helps me to experience joy and harmony."

T.B. - Beaconsfield, Canada

  • Energy Medicine Practitioner
    Emotional blockages create energetic imbalances in the energy field, causing dis-ease and dis-harmony. Re-aligning the body's "energy fields" brings about well-being in body and mind...
  • Medium and Healer
    Communications with deceased loved ones and ancestors...
  • Certified Reiki Master and Teacher
    An ancient laying-on of hands healing technique that uses the life force energy to heal, balancing subtle energies within our bodies...
  • "This was such a beautiful day and a wonderful experience learning Reiki with you."

    L.D. - Ottawa, Canada

  • Spiritual and Emotional Counselor
    Guiding and assisting one's life path to create a harmonious journey...
  • Certified Angel Card Reader
    The English word "angel" is derived from the Greek "angelos", which means "messenger". An Angel reading will assist you on your life's journey...
  • Light Shifter and Soul Rescue Guidance
    Guiding souls to their source and helping them to cross over...
  • Past-Life and Akashic Records Insight
    Reveals information about your past incarnations and why they are important in this life-frame...
  • "Thank you for the reading. I was feeling 'on top of the world' after I talked to you. You have given me clarity and energy to move forward with the decisions I must make."

    H.L. - Korea

  • Remote Healing
    Also known as Long-Distance Healing, is energy work that is conducted on an individual who is unable to be physically present for the therapy, or lives in another part of the country or elsewhere in the world...
  • Home and Office Clearings and Blessings
    Clearing previous energies whether before moving into a new location, or to heal the location after an occurrence, creating a more harmonious atmosphere...
  • Environmental Energy Cleanse
    Clearing stagnated energies in and around land, homes, vehicles, planes, ships, and more. This energy clearing brings harmony and alignment in place where there was once stagnation...

"You cannot travel on the path until you become the path itself."

Buddha [568-488 BC, Founder of Buddhism]

To contact Manuela for a personal healing or reading, send an e-mail or call:
(613) 231-4575

Privacy and Confidentiality Policy: Manuela realize's the importance of your privacy and confidentiality, and will not reveal your personal information to anyone else, under any circumstances.

Disclaimer: Workshops, courses and healing sessions are not intended to replace, diagnose, prescribe or treat any ailment or to be used as a replacement for medical treatment or consultation. They are intended to enhance your knowledge or general interest and are offered only as a complimentary healing source. In all cases, it is highly recommended that you continue to follow medical treatment as prescribed by your medical physician, chiropractor, psychiatrist, or other health care professional.

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